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As we all know Showbox app is an wonderful application which is available for free to enjoy the pictures and your best-loved or favorite shows. Apart from its attributes, if we talk about its compatibility with the various devices, it has some restrictions in that. That’s why I came with few good alternatives for Showbox app. Let us say if you are an Android user, then you are absolutely unstoppable to download Showbox for Android but where as the other users can’t get this with that much ease.

Unfortunately showbox app for iPad is not gonna support and also for iPhone and Mac. Reasons are nothing, but if we need to talk about it, then in the case of Mac there is no BlueStacks version available for Mac OS. If we point at the two iOS devices iPhone and iPad, these two are Apple devices so we can’t expect any Android application to play in those platforms. So, in order to give you entertainment without Showbox, here I’ve got some alternatives to Show Box application. You can check and get whatever you like among them.

showbox alternative apps

Showbox Alternatives For iOS/Android – Apps Like Showbox

I know you’ve been searching so much for finding an best alternative app for Showbox, you need to pay patience and know about every application carefully. I’ll show the app and then on which device it is compatible to use, agree with that? Here comes list of awesome alternatives of Showbox.


Moviebox is developed by the Apple and of course it supports only the iOS platforms namely iPad and the iPhone. This costs around $3 to you for downloading. You can not get the app which is in iTunes store for your Android. I’m saying this Movie box version for iOS but in the Google Play Store there is an Android app named Moviebox but it has less features, may be you can’t get satisfied with it. If you are OK with this, download Movie box app for iPad&iPhone.


Crackle is a kind of service which actually provides films and programs and it supports iPhone, iPad, Android & Tablet, Blackberry Web/Cloud. It contains @dverts and for Android users it may be helpful.

Few more are there like Animania which is supported for Android and XBMTorrent supports Smartphones, Windows, Linux, Mac. DuckieTV is also one of the app for smartphone.

Alternatives of Showbox To Mac & Windows/Linux

Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time is available for the multi Operating Systems like Windows, Mac and Linux. It is an open source and subscription based. In order to download it for your OS, then visit this following link to download Popcorn Time.

These are the few Alternatives what I’ve fetched for you. I hope you’ve got want you wanted and check once whether it costs anything or not before downloading. If you want to tell anything new or any app related to Showbox, make sure you post a comment here. Kindly share this post if you found helpful.